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Levels I, II, and III Sound Therapy Practitioner and Spokane's Only Certified Teacher 509-599-0433 21200 E Country Vista Drive Suite L-104 Liberty Lake WA 99019
GET GROUNDED FOR HEALTH!! Hello.  My prayer for you is… “May you be blessed and be living in Wellness and Health though this New Year! I pray in Jesus name that you will enjoy health to accomplish your God-ordained assignment. Thank you for buying the Grounded for Health System."  David Van Koevering Every day, our bodies are bombarded by free range ElectroMagnetic and Radio Frequencies (EMF & RF) resulting from common usage electronics and radio transmitters, such as cell phones, microwaves, computers, and power lines. The radiation contained in these frequencies has been clinically proven to cause SEVERE damage to the human body. Conditions linked as possibly resulting from EMF and RF exposure include: ∙ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ∙ Arthritis ∙ Migraine Headaches ∙ Parkinson’s Disease ∙ Poor Eyesight ∙ Thyroid and Adrenal Disorders ∙ Panic Attacks ∙ Reproductive Disorders ∙ Hyperactivity ∙ Pineal Calcification (Multiple Sclerosis) ∙ Calcium Deficiency ∙ Dementia (Alzheimer’s) ∙ Sleep Disorders ∙ Varicose Veins ∙ Cardiac Disorders ∙ And MANY MORE! But Wait! There is an easy, simple, and fast way to eliminate the toxic frequencies and the harmful substances they produce in your body! The answer? GROUNDED FOR HEALTH What is it? An easy way to release the harmful Electro-Magnetic and Radio Frequencies from your body at a cellular level. How is it accomplished? Through “hooking up” your body to a simple Grounding Circuit for 30-45 minutes a day. That’s all you need for maintaining optimal “Grounding”. If you can wear a watch, you can Get Grounded! Can it be THAT easy? YES! While Human Body Grounding is not diagnosing or specifically treating any disease, disorder or condition, over 100,000 clinical studies worldwide have shown consistent relief from EACH condition listed above and many more — simply by letting the body connect again to the earth.  David Van Koevering Units Now Available for Purchase - $215 Free Shipping included! Accepting Cash, Check or Credit/Debit Cards Contact Carla Reed at 509-599-0433 or Email:  soundthatheals@hotmail.com
Grounded For Health